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Have the name or text made neon lamp? Buy neon letters - neon board

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  • We offer a 2 -year warranty on our LED neon lamps. Our prices include shipping costs.
  • Delivery on invoice is possible for business customers. Please contact us first via
  • We offer 1 week of emergency deliveries for business customers.

First read the instructions carefully.

  • Your neon lamp is final and can no longer be adjusted as soon as it goes into production. So always check your spelling before you actually place an order!

Are you not sure what your neon lamp will look like? Easily make a print screen/screenshot and state the desired dimensions. Then send a maximum of three examples of your favorite fonts to Within 24 hours we create a digital example for free based on your choices. This way you can order your perfect LED neon lamp with confidence!

Do you want Order as a company on invoice? That is also possible! Make a screenshot of the neon lamp and send it together with the specifications, such as the width, color and confirmation option, to:

"Personalizing neon lighting for a logo or wall decoration has never been that easy! With the help of the online configurator you can easily and quickly convert your own text or name into a fantastic neon board. You can fully adjust this neon lamp to your own taste With the configurator you can determine the colors, dimensions and the font of your neon letters.

A neon lamp is a nice addition for the office, in the bedroom, baby room, restaurant or as a customized neon logo for the store. You can even give it as a gift to someone who is dear or for personal use in your modern interior. Start designing your personalized neon letters for, for example, the slogan of your company or as decorative letters for the home.

Are you looking for a striking way to put your logo in the spotlight? You can use us from you Logo having a custom LED neon made. With this you give your brand a striking appearance that will certainly attract the attention of potential customers. "

Instructions Configurator:

1: Width:
Choose the width of your text Neon lamp. You can also choose to put texts among each other. Is the text too small? Then easily increase it with the + button. Moreover, you can center the text on the left, vertical or right. Keep in mind that the height of the text depends on the font used. In general, the height of the text is between 20 and 30 cm per line.

2: Choose the font for your neon lamp:
Are you looking for a specific style for your neon lamp? The choice of the font and the color determine the appearance of your neon lamp. Choose the font that fits your wishes and preferences. From 70 cm there are more options available for different fonts. You also have the option to choose different text styles, sizes and colors for the neon lamp. To do this, contact us first via

3: What color for the neon lamp?
The color of your neon lamp determines the atmosphere in your room and must match your interior. Keep in mind that the colors on different screens can differ slightly. Choose your favorite color or a color that fits well with your interior. With us you can choose from two types of neon colors:

  • Colors that remain white when the neon lamp is off: White, warm white, light red, light orange, light green, golden yellow, light purple and peach pink.

  • Colors that remain colored when the neon lamp is off: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, dark purple, light pink and dark pink. "

4: Choose a background.
Make the choice of an example of what your neon lamp will look like in the background on which you want to place it. Use the + or - Button to enlarge or reduce the text.

5: Where can a neon lamp be placed?
Both behind the window or on the wall. Choose from our mounting kit for the wall or the iron wire suspension system for mounting to the ceiling. The hanging system of iron wire is most suitable for placing the neon lamp behind the window, while the mounting kit is easy to install on the wall with the included instructions.

6: Can you also use a neon lamp outside?
The outside neon lamp will be provided with a special coating, giving it an IP64 classification. But what does IP64 actually mean? This IP classification indicates how well a product is protected against water and moisture. A product with the designation IP64 offers level 6 protection against dust and level 4 protection against water. This means that you can safely use the lamp in situations with considerable rainfall or in rough environments such as a garage. However, keep in mind that the lamp is not designed to be immersed in water.

7: Choose the shape of the back wall for your neon lamp.
You can choose from 4 options.

  • Cut to shape: The backboard is beautifully shaped around the letters.

  • Rectangle: Square backboard provides a striking square neon lamp.

  • Cut to text: The backboard is very closely cut around the letters, so the backboard is not visible. (not suitable for hanging).

  • Acrylic stand: The name says it all, you get a stand to put the neon lamp upright.

The backboard of the neon lamp is always transparent.

8: Can you use a dimmer with a neon lamp?
Choose from our dimmer options: the basic dimmer and the luxury dimmer. With the luxury dimmer you can accurately adjust the light intensity, which is ideal for use in film projects such as podcasts or YouTube videos.

9: Cable length
Choose the correct length for the cable. This transparent cable connects the neon lamp with the adapter. Therefore, first measure how many meters of cable you need.


  1. Delivery time: On average 2 weeks. Track & Trace available. Free replacement in the event of damage within 14 days after delivery.

  2. Return order: A neon lamp that is tailor -made cannot be returned.

  3. Guarantee: 2 year warranty on defects after purchase.

  4. Lifespan: Neon lamps last approximately 50,000 hours (5 years).

  5. Dispatch: Shipping worldwide via FedEx with Track & Trace. 100% shipping guarantee.


    • Approved CE low voltage adapter of 12V

    • Instructions for assembly

    • Assembly set for wall mounting or ceiling mounting

    • Dimmer and remote control

    • Invoice after delivery for companies

      General Terms and Conditions for Custom Logos and Text Neon Lamps

      Our LED neon lamps are handmade with craftsmanship, so that you can use it for as long as possible. We offer a 24 -month guarantee on defects for all our neon lamps. If a neon lamp exhibits a manufacturing error within this period, we will repair or replace it. Keep in mind that we cannot replace NEON lamps or adapters that break due to incorrect use.

      What is wrong use?
      Incorrect use of the neon lamp includes various situations. Prevent damp environments unless the lamp is specifically made moisture -resistant. Be careful when unpacking and installing to prevent scratches on the transparent rear panel. Not following the instructions can cause damage after installation. Do not place the neon lamp above heat sources such as a fireplace or candle, because it can melt the lifespan and melt power threads. In the event of damage due to incorrect use, the warranty period expires.

      What is meant by a manufacturing error?
      A manufacturing error is a defect that occurs as a result of an error during production. At we assess whether there is actually a manufacturing error or incorrect use.

      Reception of a defective neon lamp:
      If you receive a defective neon lamp, we request that you contact us within 48 hours after delivery via

      Report for warranty:
      If you want to claim warranty because of a complaint or defect, we will assess whether the warranty conditions apply to your personal situation. If your complaint is justified, we will take care of all costs, including any shipping costs, within the warranty period. First report your complaint by e-mail via info [@] and we will contact you as soon as possible. To speed up the handling, we ask you to add the invoice and personal data.

      Products that cannot be returned:
      For private customers, tailor -made text Neon lamps that have been created according to the buyer's specifications have been created, such as a Text Neon lamp designed via the webshop, cannot be returned within the 14 -day trial period. This also applies to adapted neon lamps with a logo for private customers.

      For business customers, standard neon lamps from our store or customized text and logo neon lamps can never be returned.
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