Install neon lamp

We deliver ready-made neon lamps, which means that you only have to install the neon lamp against the wall or hang it using a simple system behind the window. Our neon lamps are carefully packed in a sturdy box. In it you will find the instructions and all the necessary materials to easily attach the neon lamp

Installing our LED neon lamps is therefore fairly easy. This page helps you to hang your ordered neon lamp in every living room, hall or bedroom or company.

Worthy, pencil, drill, measuring tape, screwdriver, screws and suspension material that was supplied with the neon lamp.

1. Location:
Choose where in the room and at what height you want to hang your neon lighting. The optimum height for neon on walls is 150 cm high from the ground. Place the neon lamp against the wall and use a pencil to mark the distances with a pencil before drilling the holes. Make a circle of the hole and a cross or asterisk as a marker with the pencil. Check with a spirit level if the holes are briefly.

To drill
Keep the drill straight in your hands. Then drill gently further and bring the drill back from time to time while it turns. When you have drilled the holes, place it in the holes and follow the instructions and carefully place the neon lamp against the wall. Attach the supplied mounting materials from the neon lamp as described in the manual.

When the neon lamp is attached to the wall you can eliminate the cable with a cable duct.

Do you want to hang a neon lamp?
Read the instructions below carefully.


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