Have a quote Neon logo made
Have a quote Neon logo made
Have a quote Neon logo made
Have a quote Neon logo made
Have a quote Neon logo made
Have a quote Neon logo made
Have a quote Neon logo made
Have a quote Neon logo made

Have a quote Neon logo made

*You can send your logo via this page.

Have your logo made in Neon?

Ready to make your brand or branding shine with a unique and striking neon logo? Then you are at the right place!

How does it work?

  1. Send your logo and fill in the form.
  2. Within 24 hours you will receive a digital example version of what your neon lamp will look like.
  3. After approval you will receive an invoice and start the production of your neon lamp.
  4. As soon as the neon lamp is sent, you will receive the track & trace.
Order neon logo:
We deliver Eco-friendly neon lighting For hip shops, hospitality or for the business premises as a neon logo. And Nowadays, a striking LED neon logo should not be missing in your company! Because you - literally - radiate a message. Neon lamps illuminate the surf and invite to come in. By a striking NEON LOGO To have it made or the slogan of the company in neon letters you stand out more. You can have your logo transformed into a dimmable neon lamp. A neon logo is a real eye-catcher in every shopping street! And with this you can have your company distinguished from your boring competitors. Let us help you to take your company to new heights with our striking neon lighting.


Have a neon logo made:
Whether you have a boutique, a trendy restaurant run or one creative office Manages, our Eco-friendly neon lighting Adds a touch of style and personality to your business space. It is an investment that produces immediate results and strengthens your brand. Moreover, we can do it NEON LOGO Adjust your specific wishes, so that it perfectly matches the identity and appearance of your company.

Your logo as a neon logo in, for example, the shop window ensures that you are recognizable from afar, especially when it is dark. Your neon lighting is also clearly visible during the day. And by taking photos of your neon lamp, you can create more recognisability on the social media channels! This creates in your store together with the colors of your house style and branding, a cozy and hip atmosphere that people like to come back for. Your customers will also make selfies from your neon logo or the slogan in neon text. Your customers will attract new customers as a result. Because customers who have them Share selfies = the best form of free and reliable marketing!

NEON logo for home or outside:
A neon logo can be manufactured from almost all logos. Our neon lighting is manufactured from LED and therefore dimmable. We also offer the possibility to place the neon logo inside or outside.

There are 2 ways of confirming: via a hanging kit for behind the window which is attached from the ceiling, or a mounting kit for the wall. You will receive a clear manual. Piece of cake! LED neon logos are lightweight, not quickly fragile and do not release heat. It is maintained by taking it off with a dust cloth and voilà, your neon lighting can be against it again!


What is the delivery time of a neon logo:
After approval of the quotation via e-mail and payment of the invoice, you can use a Average delivery time of 2 weeks Receive your neon logo via FedEx or UPS. The neon logo will be packaged to prevent damage during transport. In addition to your neon logo, the package also contains an adapter, dimmer, mounting material of the assembly of your choice and a manual.

What is the warranty of a neon logo:
If you purchase a neon logo from us, you will receive a 2 -year full warranty on any defects as standard. If there is unexpectedly something wrong with it NEON LOGO Within this period, we will ensure that the problem is solved free of charge. You can count on our Outstanding service And we will do everything we can to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Even if damage to the neon logo occurred during transport, you don't have to worry. We understand that this can be annoying, that's why we send A new copy without extra costs To you. We want to ensure that you can quickly enjoy your striking neon logo without hassle or delays.

Be also Our neon lamps designed to last for a long time. They have a lifespan of no less than 50,000 hours, which amounts to about 5 years of continuous use. You can trust that your neon logo will remain clear and radiant for a long time, so that your company is constantly in the spotlight.

Many entrepreneurs have already preceded you and have successfully illuminated their branding with our neon lamps. They are familiar with our quality and service to take their company to a higher level. At Neonlampen.nl we have as a starting point to offer high -quality neon lamps, together with excellent service, and all this at a reasonable price.


What does a neon logo cost:
When it comes to the costs of a tailor -made NEON LOGO, we strive for transparency to offer and take into account various factors. The final price tag is determined on the basis of various elements, such as The size of the logo and the complexity of the design. We understand that every company is unique and has its own vision, which is why we work closely with our customers to achieve the desired result within the desired budget.

On average, the costs for a tailor -made neon logo are between € 400 and € 900 euros. This price range gives you an indication of what you can expect, but it is important to emphasize that the final price depends on specific factors such as the size and complexity of the design. We ensure that you get a fair and reasonable price that matches the value and quality that we offer. So, if you are looking for a tailor -made neon logo that matches the identity of your company, you can rely on our craftsmanship and our honest prices.

You can buy every neon lamp with a 2 -year warranty on defects. Shipping is 100% insured and the delivery time is on average 2 weeks.

General Terms and Conditions for Custom Logos and Text Neon Lamps

Our LED neon lamps are handmade with craftsmanship, so that you can use it for as long as possible. We offer a 24 -month guarantee on defects for all our neon lamps. If a neon lamp exhibits a manufacturing error within this period, we will repair or replace it. Keep in mind that we cannot replace NEON lamps or adapters that break due to incorrect use.

What is wrong use?
Incorrect use of the neon lamp includes various situations. Prevent damp environments unless the lamp is specifically made moisture -resistant. Be careful when unpacking and installing to prevent scratches on the transparent rear panel. Not following the instructions can cause damage after installation. Do not place the neon lamp above heat sources such as a fireplace or candle, because it can melt the lifespan and melt power threads. In the event of damage due to incorrect use, the warranty period expires.

What is meant by a manufacturing error?
A manufacturing error is a defect that occurs as a result of an error during production. At neonlampen.nl we assess whether there is actually a manufacturing error or incorrect use.

Reception of a defective neon lamp:
If you receive a defective neon lamp, we request that you contact us within 48 hours after delivery via info@neonlamppen.nl.

Report for warranty:
If you want to claim warranty because of a complaint or defect, we will assess whether the warranty conditions apply to your personal situation. If your complaint is justified, we will take care of all costs, including any shipping costs, within the warranty period. First report your complaint by e-mail via info [@] neonlamppen.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible. To speed up the handling, we ask you to add the invoice and personal data.

Products that cannot be returned:
For private customers, tailor -made text Neon lamps that have been created according to the buyer's specifications have been created, such as a Text Neon lamp designed via the webshop, cannot be returned within the 14 -day trial period. This also applies to adapted neon lamps with a logo for private customers.

For business customers, standard neon lamps from our store or customized text and logo neon lamps can never be returned.

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