What is Neon used for?

Neon, the enchanting element that has taken an iconic place in the world of lighting since his discovery in 1898, is much more than just luminous signs along bustling streets. In this blog we take you on a journey of discovery to the versatile applications of Neon, with a focus on the magical LED neon lamps that you can hang at home and logos that you can have made for the window of your store or the wall of your office.

Versatile applications of neon

  1. Billboards: Neon originally became popular as striking lighting for billboards and signs. The lively colors and enchanting glow of Neon caught the attention of passers -by, making it an excellent choice for attracting customers.

  2. Shop decoration: Neon lamps are widely used to give stores a unique and attractive appearance. They can be used to strengthen the brand of a store, to emphasize special offers or simply create an atmospheric accent.

  3. Art and creativity: Neon is a beloved medium in the art world because of its expressive possibilities. Artists use neon lamps to create impressive installations, sculptures and other striking works of art.

  4. Interior decoration: Neon lamps are a wonderful addition to the interior of a house. They can add a touch of style and personality to any room, whether it is the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen.

  5. Parties and events: Neon lighting adds a festive atmosphere to events and parties. Whether it is a birthday party, wedding, or business event, neon lamps ensure an unforgettable ambiance.

LED neon lamps for home

LED neon lamps are a modern and environmentally friendly version of traditional neon lamps. They have the same enchanting glow and lively colors, but with many benefits. LED neon lamps are more energy efficient, more sustainable and safer. You can hang LED neon lamps as a decorative element in your house to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Whether it is an inspiring quote in the living room or your name in the bedroom, LED neon lamps add a personal touch to your interior.

Logos in Neon for business use

For companies and companies, logos in neon are a powerful way to strengthen visual identity and to increase brand recognition. A tailor -made logo in neon can be placed strikingly in the window of your store to seduce passers -by, or on the wall of your office to give a professional look. With a wide range of colors and fonts, logos in neon can put your brand in a striking light.

Discover the magic of LED Neon lamps

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