Who came up with neon light?

The beginning of Neon: Georges Claude
The name that is inextricably linked to the invention of Neon is Georges Claude. Born on September 24, 1870 in Paris, France, Claude grew up as a passionate engineer and scientist. In 1902 he founded his own company called "Air Liquide," which focused on the production of industrial gases.

Neon's story began in 1902, when Claude started experimenting with applying electricity to gases. He discovered that by applying electrical discharges on a tube filled with neon, a clear and strikingly orange light was produced. This discovery was revolutionary and laid the foundation for the development of neon lighting as we know it today.

The first neon lamp
The first functioning neon lamp was demonstrated in 1910 by Georges Claude at the Exposition Internationale in Paris. It was a tube filled with neon who radiated a characteristic Orange -red glow. The unique features of neonlicht soon caught the world's attention and became a sensation at the exhibition.

The global distribution
After the success of the neon lamp at the Exposition International, the popularity of neon lighting began to grow rapidly. Claude founded the "Claude Neon" company and started to produce and sell neon lighting commercially. The first neon advertising appeared in Paris in 1912, where a night club called "Palais de la Dance" was illuminated with neon letters who offered a breathtaking and colorful sight.

In the 1920s, the use of neon lighting spread throughout the world, especially in large cities such as New York, London and Shanghai. Neon commercials became a symbol of modernity and urban refinement, and neon lighting was used in a variety of commercial and decorative applications.

Neon in modern times
Although neon lighting is still loved for its vintage charm, it has undergone a number of changes in modern times. The traditional neon lamps were later replaced by LED neon lamps, which are more energy efficient and safer, while they still offer the same lively colors and attractive glow.

Despite the rise of other forms of enlightenment, Neon remains a powerful and beloved form of visual communication. Neon advertisements and artworks can still be admired in cities around the world and remain an intriguing symbol of creativity and liveliness.

The story of Neon is the story of the brilliant inventor Georges Claude, whose discovery of neon lighting has changed the world. His visionary spirit and entrepreneurship have led to a lighting technology that is still loved and continues to inspire. Neon lighting remains a symbol of creativity, liveliness and modern cityscapes, and it will undoubtedly shine for many years as a timeless form of lighting and art.