What are the costs of neon advertising?

The hidden treasure of brightness: the costs of LED neon advertising deciphered.

In the dynamic world of marketing and branding it is more important than ever to stand out between the masses. Neon advertising has been an iconic means to attract attention and leave a lasting impression for decades. But what does it actually cost to possess that enchanting glow of LED neon advertising? Let's dissect the price tags and discover why neonlampen.nl is the ultimate destination for your visual needs.

The evolution of neon advertising

In the past, neon advertisements were handmade masterpieces of glass tubes, filled with noble gases and a touch of magic to create that characteristic glow. Nowadays the technology has taken a flight, and LED neon advertisements are on the rise. They offer the same enchanting aesthetics without the hassle of fragile glass tubes and complicated gas maintenance.

A cost analysis

When planning your marketing budget, it is crucial to understand the financial aspects of LED Neon advertising. At neonlampen.nl they use a transparent and tailor -made approach. The costs of LED Neon advertising vary depending on various factors, such as dimensions, design complexity and the intended location (inside or outside).

For within NEON advertising, prices are between € 500 and € 1500, while outdoor advertising varies from € 800 to € 1900. This price range reflects the wide range of design and size options that are available. Customers can submit their company logo for a personalized quotation based on their specific wishes.

Why choose LED Neon advertising?

  1. Sustainability: LED neon advertising lasts longer than traditional neon advertisements. You can enjoy the bustling glow without worrying about frequent replacements.

  2. Energy efficiency: LED technology consumes less energy than traditional neon lighting, resulting in lower energy costs in the long term.

  3. Versatility: LED neon advertising can be adapted to any desired shape and color, giving you the freedom to create a unique and striking design that reflects your brand identity.

  4. Ease of maintenance: Unlike traditional neon lamps, LED neon advertisements need minimal maintenance, which saves time and money.

Neonlampen.nl: your partner in a creative appearance

Neonlampen.nl is not just a company; It is a destination for creative entrepreneurs who want to take their brand to new heights. With their dedication to quality, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, NEONLAMPEN.nl is the ultimate choice for making a lasting impression.

Whether you are a starting entrepreneur who is looking for a catchy first impression or an established brand that wants to renew, LED neon advertising is the key to standing out in the modern market. Contact neonlampen.nl today, send your company logo and discover the possibilities of LED neon advertising that your brand lift to the next level.


The costs of LED Neon advertising are just as varied as the creative possibilities it offers. With price reaches between € 500 and € 1500 for indoor advertising and € 800 to € 1900 for outdoor advertising, LED Neon is an investment in both aesthetics and sustainability. With neonlampen.nl on your side you can create a custom and striking advertisement that will make a lasting impression on your target group. Go on a journey of discovery to the clear world of LED neon advertising today and discover how your brand can shine like never before.