Is LED neon real neon

If you are considering purchasing a striking neon board, you may be familiar with the terms "LED Neon" and "Glass Neon". But what is the difference between these two seemingly comparable lighting options?

To begin with, we must make it clear that Led Neon is technically not a real neon. Instead, it is made from a high -quality LED string, an acrylic back plate and the result is an attractive, clear light that is reminiscent of traditional glass of neon. But why would you choose LED Neon instead of the authentic glass of neon?

One of the main reasons is the production method. LED neon is considerably faster to produce than glass neon. While making glass tubes for real neon is a complex process that requires craftsmanship, LED Neon can be efficiently manufactured with the help of advanced technologies. This not only makes LED Neon more cost -effective, but also more accessible to a wider audience.

Another important aspect is the composition of the two lighting types. While Glas Neon uses tubes filled with noble gases, such as neon and argon, LED neon exudes light thanks to small LED lights that are placed along a flexible wire. This modern approach not only offers clear and attractive light, but also makes LED neon more sustainable and energy efficient.

In addition, the flexibility of LED Neon Lampen is a big advantage for companies. Whether it is about relieving company logos, creating striking store displays, or improving the atmosphere in the reception room, LED Neon easily adapts to different business needs. The simple installation and low maintenance make it a practical choice for companies that strive for a maximum impact with minimal effort.

In terms of installation and maintenance, LED Neon also offers clear benefits. It is easier to install than glass neon, because it is flexible and can be attached to different surfaces. Glass neon, on the other hand, requires careful installation of the glass tubes, which requires more time and expertise. In addition, LED Neon is easier to maintain. With Glas Neon, repairing broken tubes is a more complex task.

Of course, every type of lighting has its own charm and applications. Glass Neon radiates a nostalgic aesthetics and is often seen as a traditional artwork. However, if costs and installation is important factors, LED neon is often the more practical choice.

Companies are constantly striving to distinguish themselves and leave a lasting impression. LED neon lamps offer an excellent opportunity here. With the possibility to create custom designs that perfectly match the branding and identity of a company, LED Neon Lamps are ideal for strengthening the visual presence. The rapidly produced character of LED Neon enables companies to have striking and tailor -made lighting in the short term, which can be crucial for promotional events or new branches.

In conclusion, while LED neon is technically not a real neon, it offers an attractive alternative with its efficient production, sustainability and ease of use. Whether you go for the traditional Charm of Glas Neon or the modern benefits of LED Neon, both options promise a striking and stylish addition to your space.