What colors are neon

At neonlampen.nl we believe in creating enchanting experiences with our LED neon lighting. With an extensive palette of 16 beautiful colors, we let your imagination shine and add a touch of magic to every room. From elegant white to sparkling blue and everything in between, our LED neon lamps are there to relieve your world in beautiful shades. Together we discover the meaning and beauty of these 16 colors.

1. White: Radiant and pure, white represents purity and brightness. It is ideal for a modern and minimalist look.

2. Warm white: Softer and cozier than pure white, warm white provides a cozy ambiance, perfect for cozy evenings.

3. Light red: Lively and powerful, light red symbolizes passion and energy. It adds a fiery element to your environment.

4. Red: The color of love and power is intense and striking, red. It immediately attracts attention.

5. Light orange: Fresh and lively, Light Orange brings cheerfulness and vitality to every room.

6. Orange: Warm and lively, Orange stands for enthusiasm and creativity. It adds a spark of energy.

7. Yellow: Sunny and uplifting, yellow stands for happiness and optimism. It radiates positive vibes.

8. Gold yellow: Luxurious and elegant, gold yellow adds a touch of glamor to your interior.

9. Light green: Refreshing and soothing, light green brings in the natural beauty.

10. Green: Lively and harmonious, green symbolizes innovation and balance.

11. Light blue: Cool and soothing, light blue creates a serene and calm atmosphere.

12. Blue: Deep and enchanting, blue stands for trust and stability. It has a timeless attraction.

13. Lila Purple: Delicate and dreamy, lilac purple adds a touch of romance to your space.

14. Violet Purple: Elegant and mysterious, Violet Purple brings a feeling of luxury and refinement.

15. Peach pink: Gentle and lovely, peach pink radiates a feeling of softness.

16. Light pink: Delicate and charming, light pink is a symbol of tenderness and care.

Neon colors

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With our spacious color palette you can choose the perfect color that matches your style and theme. Whether you are looking for a striking shade to attract attention or a calming color to relax, neonlampen.nl offers a wide range of possibilities to illuminate your environment and leave a lasting impression.

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At neonlampen.nl we believe in the highest quality of our LED neon lamps. Each color is made with the greatest care to guarantee a magical lighting that transforms your space into an enchanting oasis.

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Discover the splendor of Text LED NEON Lighting With our enchanting 16 colors. At neonlampen.nl we bring your imagination to life and let your space shine with the magic of neon light. Choose your favorite color and let your world shine!