What does Neon mean

NEON - A word that evokes associations with enchanting luminous plates, bustling nocturnal streets and a unique form of art. But what does Neon actually mean and how did it transform the world of enlightenment? In this blog we take you on a journey of discovery to the magical world of Neon and the rise of LED Neon lamps, including customized text Neon lamps and logos in Neon.

What does Neon mean?

Neon is a chemical element that appears in the periodic system with the 'NE' symbol and the atomic number 10. The Neon element is known for its striking clear orange-red glow when it lights up under the influence of electrical discharge. Discovered by the Scottish chemist Sir William Ramsay and the English physicist Morris Travers in 1898, Neon has since taken a special place in the world of lighting.

The spell of neon lighting

The enchantment of neon lighting lies in the magical glow that it radiates. When an electrical current is sent by neon gas, the electrons are brought into an excited state. When they return to their normal condition, they radiate energy in the form of light. This creates the iconic glow that makes neon lamps so recognizable.

LED Neon Lamps rise

Traditional neon lamps were made by filling glass tubes with neon gas and other noble gases, such as Argon and Helium, and an electrical discharge through the tube. Although these classic neon lamps were beautiful, they also had disadvantages, such as high costs, fragility and the use of rare noble gases.

With the progress in LED technology, however, a new form of neon lighting has been created - LED neon lamps. LED neon lamps replicate the radiant glow of traditional neon lamps, but with a series of benefits. They are more energy efficient, more sustainable, more flexible and more environmentally friendly than their glass counterparts.

Text Neon Lamps: Words in enchanting light

Text Neon lamps are a wonderful way to put your words and groceries in an extraordinary light. With LED neon lamps, words, sentences or quotes can come to life in a range of bright and striking colors. Whether it is a personal mantra, an inspiring statement or a lively slogan for your company, text neon lamps add a touch of enchantment to every environment.

Logos in Neon: a brilliant visual identity

For companies and brands, logos in neon are a powerful way to make a lasting impression. LED neon lamps give your logo a radiant and striking appearance, so it really catches the eye. With a series of colors to choose from, logos in neon can display the identity and essence of your brand in an unforgettable way.

Discover LED Neon Lamps Magic

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