Welcome to the world of neonlicht, where the sparkling glow of LED Neon lamps adds a unique atmosphere and charm to every bar. At we give you the opportunity to make your own personalized neon lamp, so that you can beautify your bar with a striking light expression that fits exactly with your style and theme. With 16 colors and more than 20 fonts to choose from, the creative freedom is unlimited. Let's see how our tailor -made neon lamps can transform your bar into a beautiful oasis of lighting.

Create your own neon master work
At we believe in the power of individuality and creativity. Your bar is unique and deserves lighting that reflects your identity. With our user -friendly design tool You can easily make your own neon lamp. Choose from an extensive selection of colors, ranging from soft pastel shades to lively fluorescent colors, so that you can create the perfect ambiance for your bar. Then choose from more than 20 fonts to shine your own inspiring quote, the name of your bar or a catchy slogan in text Neon lamp.

Striking visual identity
A bar is so much more than just a place to serve drinks; It is a social hub where people come together to relax, have fun and create memories. A customized neon lamp with the name or logo of your bar strengthens your visual identity and creates a lasting impression with your customers. The radiant neon lighting attracts the attention of passers -by and invites them to come in and enjoy the unique atmosphere of your bar.

Atmospheric lighting for every theme party
Whether you have a chic cocktail bar, a cozy pub or a trendy nightclub, our neon lamps adapt to every theme party. Are you organizing a tropical beach party? Create a neon lamp with the text "Tropical Vibes Only" in lively turquoise. Whether you are celebrating an Oktoberfest or organizing a karaoke evening, our tailor-made neon lamps add a touch of magic to every event.

Sustainability and quality
Quality is paramount at Our neon lamps are made of high -quality LEDs that are energy efficient and sustainable. The LED lighting has a long service life, so that your neon lamp will continue to shine for years and your bar will provide lighting.

How do you order your tailor -made neon lamp?
The process is simple! Go to the tool And choose the desired format and the desired color. Type the text that you want to display on your neon lamp and select the font that best suits your style. Place your order and we will work to create your neon masterpiece.

Lighten your bar with enchanting neon light
At we have a passion for creating magic lighting that transforms every room. With our customized neon lamps you can give your bar a sparkling look that will certainly enchant your customers. Choose from a range of colors and fonts and let your own neon masterpiece shine in the enchanting glow of LED neon light.