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Let your style shine: receive a 20% discount with our photo promotion

At we believe that your unique style is worth celebrating. Neon light has an enchanting power that transforms every room, and we want to give you the opportunity to capture and share this magic. That is why we are introducing our newest promotion, especially for you - our appreciated customer! Do you want a 20% discount on your next order? Read on to discover how you can take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Step 1: Contact us:
Before placing your order, we would like to hear from you! Send an email to And let us know that you are interested in the photo discount. Tell us which (text) neon board you want to order, together with the desired specifications. We look forward to finding out more about your plans and ideas for this striking neon lighting.

Step 2: Receive your exclusive discount code:
After receiving your e-mail we will respond quickly with a unique discount code of 20%. You can use this code when paying for your order on our website. A special token of appreciation for your creativity and involvement in choosing your perfect neon lamp.

Step 3: Make your space unique with neon light:
Once your tailor -made neon lamp is delivered, it's time to make your space shine! The characteristic neon lighting will bring an atmosphere of originality and liveliness. Install the neon lamp and take some beautiful photos of the end result. Record the unique glow of the neon light and share the atmosphere of your neon lamp with us!

Step 4: become part of our neon lamp marketing:
We want to share your style with the world! Share the photos with us via e-mail, and with your permission we use these images in our marketing materials. Your creativity becomes an inspiration for others who dream of a striking neon board in their own space. is known for the unique combination of quality and style, and your contribution will encourage others to relieve their space with the magic of Neon.

So what are you waiting for? Let Neonlicht transform your space and take advantage of the 20% discount on your neon lamp! Contact us now via And let your neon adventure begin. Whether you opt for a neon board with a catchy text or a more subtle logo neon lamp, we look forward to welcome your style in the beautiful world of 💖