Advice for neon lighting neon lamps or neon advertising

As the owner of you understand better than anyone that neon lighting is a unique and striking way to attract attention, create atmosphere or to convey your message. But how do you choose the right neon lamp for your specific needs, whether you are a business entrepreneur who wants to use the attraction of Neon or a private person who wants to relieve a creative project? In this blog we share advice on how you can choose the perfect neon lamp.

1. Determine the goal
The first thing you have to consider is the goal of the neon lamp. Do you want to use these for advertising purposes, interior decoration, neon signs, or perhaps for a special event? The goal will determine which specifications and characteristics your neon lamp must have.

2. Choose the right color (s)
Neon lamps come in various colors, and choosing the right color is crucial for the desired appearance. For business branding it is important to use the company colors, while private individuals may want a color that fits their interior for your neon lamp.

3. Consider the size
The size of the neon lamp depends on where you want to place it and how much space you have. For neon lamps outside, they must be large enough to be visible remotely, while inner house decoration requires a more subtle approach.

4. Quality and sustainability
Invest in quality. Neon lamps of good quality last longer and need less maintenance. They are also more efficient and more energy efficient. Make sure you purchase neon lamps from reliable sources.

Choosing the perfect neon lamp for your project may seem like a challenge, but with the right advice and guidance it becomes much easier. At we are ready to help you select the ideal neon lamp that meets your requirements. Feel free to contact us and let us assist you when realizing your neon lighting dreams.