Neon customized lighting

In the world of visual branding and interior design, tailor -made neon lighting occupies a prominent place. At we understand that every company, catering facility or retail has its own identity that must be expressed. That is why we offer the possibility to create your own unique LED Neon lamp, fully adapted to your wishes and needs.

NEONBOORT, NEON LAMP, Custom Neon lamp - your light stamp
With you can request a quote for a neon board, neon lamp or tailor -made neon lighting. These tailor -made neon lamps are not only an eye -catcher for companies, but also for catering establishments and the retail trade. Imagine that your logo or a catchy message shines in clear neon light, which feels both modern and nostalgic.

Choice of 16 colors Neon - Create the perfect atmosphere
One of the unique aspects of our service is the possibility to choose from no less than 16 colors of neon. Whether you want to create a lively and striking appearance or are looking for a more subtle, modest atmosphere, our extensive color options make it possible. From warm red to cool blue, the choice is yours.

Flexible placement options - Fits everywhere
We understand that every room is unique. That is why we offer flexible placement options for your tailor -made neon lamp. Whether you want to place the neon behind the window to put on passers -by, on the wall to mark a specific area, or upright on the desk for a personal touch, we ensure that your neon lighting fits perfectly with the desired location.

Delivered quickly - Choice for delivery on location
We understand that time can be crucial when decorating your space or improving the branding of your company. That is why we guarantee a fast delivery of two weeks. For those who want extra convenience, we also offer the possibility of delivery on location at an additional cost. This way you can quickly enjoy the customized neon lighting, without hassle.

Ready for your unique neon experience? Request a quote!
Whether you run a hip clothing store, have a restaurant or simply want to put your company logo in the spotlight, is ready to translate your vision into breathtaking customized neon lighting. Request a quote today And discover how Neon light can bring your space to life!

At we believe in the power of individuality. Your vision deserves unique attention, and we are ready to convert it into breathtaking tailor -made neon lighting. Whether it is logo branding, atmospheric hospitality environments, retail presentation or personal events, we are your partner in realizing creative neon creations that continue to shine. Contact us today and discover the versatility of customized neon light!